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Scouting, what is it all about

Gain friendships that will last a life time.

Explore the great outdoors.

Working with others to achive something great.

Fell include in the program.

Go on fantastic weekend or week long camps.

The Scout Method

The Scout Method has eight elements that support the development of young people. The Scout Method is unique to Scouting and Scouting is unique because of this Method, and the way in which it educates and develops young people. The Method is the same across all Sections, providing for continuous development.

A youth movement, guided by adults, where youth are increasingly self-managing.

Active exploration of an individual's commitment and responsibility to their community and wider world.

  A way to develop interpersonal and leadership skills through teamwork, responsibility and belonging.     

A learning journey focused on challenging the individual to do their best through a range of experiences.

Learning through practical experiences and activities. 

Scouting values and ideals that underpin all activities and interactions.  

The outdoors is the primary setting for learning and encourages a two-way relationship between the individual and the natural world.

A unifying structure of themes and symbols that facilitates that awareness and development of an individual's personal journey.

Joey Scouts  - 
Dis​cover Adventure

5 to 8 Years 

Joey Scouts enjoy a weekly activity meeting, occasional sleepovers and earning participation badges together. The top badge is the Joey Scout Challenge Award. Every two years Joey Scouts have a giant overnight camp called a Kangaree. They also learn that one of the basic ideas of Scouting is that we help other people. Joey Scouts start by helping out at home. 

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Cub ScoutsCreate the Path

8 to 11 Years

Cub Scouts are growing up and so is their program. Apart from their weekly meeting, they do more outdoor activities, including occasional camps and day hikes. Cub Scouts have lots more badges to earn and aim to get their Grey Wolf Award before they move on to Scouts. Every three years, thousands of Cub Scouts enjoy a five-day camp called a Cuboree.

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My Abilities ScoutsOur only limit is our imagination

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ScoutsExplore the Unknown

11 to 15 Years

The Scout program is even more challenging - and Scouts have a big say in planning it. The older Scouts also have responsibility for their vounger members. They teach them how to set up a campsite, plan and cook their own meals, not to get lost in the bush, and heaps of other outdoor skills. Every three years more than 12,000 Scouts from around Australia gather for two weeks at the Jamboree. The top award in the Scout Section is the Australian Scout Award, a huge achievement that takes time, self-discipline, personal organisation and leadership. 

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V enturer Scouts Look Wide

15 to 18 Years

School is starting to get more serious but being a Venturer Scouts can help! A range of academic studies show that a program exactly like Venturer Scouts (outdoor adventure, self government, strong friends, and good adult mentors) leads to significantly better results in the final years at school. Plus, Venturer Scouts who earn the Queen's Scout Award can get early entry (before they do their year 12 exams) to some universities. and get an advantage in some courses.

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Hall Hires

Our hall can be hired for events & meetings.

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