Achievement Pathways 
Badge Placement

The uniform is laid out into three themed panels which align with Tier 1 of the one program symbolic framework:    

Right Sleeve - My Identity
This part of the uniform recognises where you do your Scouting, engagement with global initiatives under the Scouts4SDGs banner, additional awards you may have earned through the program, and what section(s) you have been involved in. More specifically, the right sleeve will contain: 

Name Tapes, District and Region badges  
To represent your local communities. 
3rd 4th Colac Name Tape to represent our group, 
Geelong Region Badge is to show what region we are in, 
Otway Plains Badge to show what district we are in. 
Scouts4SDGs Initiatives. These are all linked to the Sustainable Development Goals and include but are not limited to: Dialogue for Peace, Earth Tribe, Champions for Nature Challenge, Scouts Go Solar Challenge, Tide Turners Plastic Challenge, He4She, Patrimonito Scout badge and Scouts of the World Award 

Additional Awards  
These will progressively become a consistent size and shape, and include, but may not be limited to: (Available Section as per Section Record Book) Amateur Radio Operator, Anchor, Camper Award, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, First Aid, International Ambassador badge, Landcare Australia, Language Emblems, Lifesaving Badge, Mental Health First Aid, Messengers of Peace, Personal Development Course badge, Scouts of the World, Scout Wings, SES, Their Service, Our Heritage, Unit Management Course badge, Walkabout Award, World Scout Environment Badge and Youth Helper. It should be noted that not all of these badges are in circulation yet, and this list is provided in advance of stock exhaustion and manufacturing processes. Introduction to Section Badges To represent your journey through the Scouting sections.    

Left Sleeve - My Journey
This part of the uniform recognises your journey in Scouting through the Achievement Pathways Looking at this a bit deeper, the focus is on the Special Interest Areas for that section, as well as Outdoor Adventure Skills and any peak awards that may have been earned. 

Peak Awards 
A young person may wear all peak awards they have earned during their time in Scouting at the top of the left sleeve. These are: Joey Scout Challenge Award, Grey Wolf Award, Australian Scout Award, Queen’s Scout Award and Baden-Powell Scout Award. 

Special Interest Area Badges  
Scouts may wear all Special Interest Area badges earned in the section they are currently a member. Initially, these may form a hexagon, as viewed on the diagram. There is no requirement to complete a project in each of the six Special Interest Areas. A Scout will wear all badges indicating the Special Interest Area projects they have completed. 

Outdoor Adventure Skills  
These badges form a 3×3 grid on the left sleeve. Scouts should wear only the highest achieved Stage in each of the nine broad activity/skill areas – Bushcraft, Bushwalking, Camping, Alpine, Aquatics, Boating, Cycling, Paddling, Vertical.  Any Stage that is completed should be recognised with the relevant badge. 
Outdoor Adventure Skills Stages follow a young person through their Scouting journey. As a result, these will need to be moved or changed over between uniforms. This is worn on the top of the left sleeve.    

Front Panels & Scarf - My Involvement
The front of the uniform is the most viewed area, and as a result, it presents my involvement in Scouting. This includes: Australian Flag Badge, Worn above the pocket on the left hand side of the shirt. World Scout Badge, Worn alongside the Australian Flag badge, above pocket on left hand side. Messengers of Peace Ring Badge, Not displayed on this diagram, this badge is worn around the World Scout badge following the completion of a Messengers of Peace project. Years of Service Badges, Worn below the World Scout badge and Australian Flag badge, these badges display the number of years a youth member has been part of each section. Only one badge/number should be worn per section Unit Leader Badge, Worn on the top flap of the pocket. 

Program Essentials Milestones
Worn on the right hand side, these would be approximately in line with, or just below, the Australian Flag badge worn on the left side. 

Event Badge  
These badges must be no larger than 75mm x 75mm in size and must have been approved for wear by your Branch Chief Commissioner, or the National Chief Commissioner. Only one badge can be worn in this place at any given point in time.