Our History

Origins and Formation: 

The 3rd Colac Scout Group traces its roots back to before 1945. Initially sponsored by St. John’s Church, the group operated actively until World War II, after which it disbanded. However, in 1960, with the support and hosting of Wesley Church, the group reformed and resumed its scouting activities.    

The 4th Colac Scout Group, the prewar history of the 4th Colac Scout Group remains somewhat mysterious. Established in 1962, it emerged during a time when other scout groups in Colac were at full capacity, resulting in long waiting lists for eager young members. Sponsored by the Colac RSL, the 4th Colac Scouts met in the old RSL tin shed located on Hesse Street in Colac.

A Shared Vision: 

In the late 1960s, the two scout groups recognized their common goals and formed a joint committee. Their aim was to construct a new hall along the banks of the Barrongarook Creek. Construction work on this shared facility commenced in 1971, and by August 1975, the hall was officially opened. It was during this period that both groups severed their ties with their respective sponsoring organizations.

The Merger: 

In 1988, the 4th Colac Scout Group faced challenges with leadership. In response, the two scout sections began meeting together. Eventually, a decision was made to merge the two groups, resulting in the birth of the 3rd 4th Colac Scout Group. Over the years, the group has thrived, maintaining its strength and vitality. Today, with over 50 youth members, the 3rd 4th Colac Scout Group operates multiple sections across various age groups.